Skin Tight

I have a very small amount of latex, some of which I made into skin tight garments. I had a leotard made of thin, magenta latex I bought from Inn Skin. It fitted just like a beautiful tight second skin, and since it was long sleeved, high necked and had no fastenings, it took a good hour to get into it. I would then stick a compressed air hose into one sleeve and inflate the whole thing like a balloon. Continue reading “Skin Tight”

Sense Of Peace

May I express my appreciation and thanks for the Bondage Supplement, and, indeed, for the magazine as well. Apart from its interest to ‘addicts’ like myself, I feel it does much good by showing all of us the universality of our ‘thing’. To this end I feel you will be well advised to use material supplied by your readers as far as possible. We all, I think, enjoy seeing real people in ‘uniform’ rather than the line drawings and the paid models shown in other expensive magazines. Like many of your readers I thought I was quite unique and, in consequence, I became more introverted and secretive. Then, more or less by accident, I saw a private German magazine and the light dawned: much, I may add, to my relief. Since those days I have come to accept that I am addicted to the pleasures of rubber and restriction. Continue reading “Sense Of Peace”