Atomage released a four part Super 8mm film entitled “Under Three Layers” filmed by John Sutcliffe at his home and featuring his then girlfriend, Katrina.

In the film Katrina dresses in three layers of rubber before undertaking activities like making a cup of tea and washing a car.

The film was distributed in four parts (three of which are shown below). The boxes featured the same artwork on the front with only the text on the back of the box which contained the description of each episode changing on the various episodes of the film.

“Under Three Layers” is possibly the very first “rubber” film ever produced.

We would very much like to hear from anyone who can provide us with the packaging for editions 3 of this film or anyone who has any of these original 8mm films for sale.

Part 1 – The Dressing
Part 2 – Tea Time
Part 4 – Transport of Delight
 Parts 2 and 4 (Side view)