I have a very small amount of latex, some of which I made into skin tight garments. I had a leotard made of thin, magenta latex I bought from Inn Skin. It fitted just like a beautiful tight second skin, and since it was long sleeved, high necked and had no fastenings, it took a good hour to get into it. I would then stick a compressed air hose into one sleeve and inflate the whole thing like a balloon.

Once it was all off my skin it would equal out so it would fit properly and then I would let the air out. It was a very comfortable and exciting experience having the material close in on you from all sides. Then after smoothing all the air bubbles out, I would put another tight knit body shirt over it so I could then get dressed the rest of the way and could go out and wear it in public.

Apart from latex I like to wear spandex and stretch nylon but these materials do not have the air tightness of latex. The spandex is also slippery smooth in comparison with the tackiness of latex, and also you don’t perspire like you do in an air-tight latex suit. Of both types of materials I still prefer latex because it does a better job of being a second skin.

– T. D. (U.S.A)