My girl friend and I are ardent gas protection lovers. We first met in a Civil Defence squad and soon found out that we both enjoyed it for fetishistic reasons. We live together now and undertake regular anti-gas training programmes. We wear gas masks and rubber protection gear for long periods and have even turned our sauna bath room into a ‘test chamber’, where we wear our protective apparel.

We also go for long walks in the countryside pretending we are crossing contaminated areas. When recently large amounts of mustard gas ammunition were found in an old chemical factory in the middle of Hamburg, we drove around the area in our car, fully clad in rubber and wearing our masks. Nobody found this odd because everyone thought we were involved with the clearing of the factory lot. In fact, even the police let us cross the border line of the evacuated blocks near the poison gas stocks. The idea of being so close to real poison gas danger really turned us on and we are now thinking of forming a gas mask squad with other couples, renting a house with surroundings in some remote area and undertaking some training using a harmless buy very effective chemical which is used for testing masks and protective suits.

From your magazine we have seen that there are many gas mask enthusiasts among your readers and we invite them to write to us so we can discuss the foundation of a Gas Protection Club. Those who wish to join the club should be rubber lovers, i.e. wearing next to the skin several layers of rubber or plastic protective clothing and gas masks with effective filters.

The colour photos show us in our favourite apparel, and we are looking forward to receiving some replies from fellow gas protection lovers.

– A.A. and G. G. (W. Germany)