I have yet to read anything in Atomage on latex bedclothing – sheets, pillow cases and pyjamas. I have always enjoyed wearing rubber but my wife much less so until a few years ago when she went to work as a secretary to a well-known showbiz person. By chance she saw his bedroom and the bed was made up with coloured latex sheets and pillow cases – the very softest of soft rubber. When she told me how nice it looked I was immediately intrigued and a little while later I managed to obtain sheets of the necessary material.

The sheets were easy to make because it was simply a matter of cutting the right size from a roll of latex. The pillow cases gave us quite a bit of trouble until we managed to obtain some advice on glueing latex, since we found that stitching was not very successful – it just jammed up my wife’s sewing machine.

Now we have several sets of sheets and pillow cases – most of them made by us and some we have bought from Sealwear in rich black! It really is a thrill to slip in between soft clinging latex – difficult to describe really. But my wife who does not care for wearing rubber likes it too and it is great sex fun for a rubber lover like me. Have any of your other readers tried it?

– ‘Latexlover’ (London)