I was very interested in the intimate Interview in A22. My introduction to masturbation came via a friend’s rubber surfaced army cape/groundsheet – with its smooth cold touch. Rubber and sex were firmly linked in my mind from then on, and I think many of your readers will have the same early memories and the same introduction to the delights of sex and orgasm via the smooth feel of rubber on the young, untried sexual organs.

I cut out photos from newspapers and magazines of men or women wearing rubber gear. I can easily understand Peter’s boyish enthusiasm for watching the fish-cleaners at work in their rubber boots, rubber aprons and rubber caps. I’ve often thought I’d like to be a commercial fisherman or worker in a fish processing factory, just to be able to wear protective rubber gear and get paid for it!

His affair with the rubber loving Marion intrigued me, especially the difficulties they have now they’re married and have young children. I think I’d be able to organise something a little less liable to interruption, even if it meant fitting a special lock on the bedroom door! The problem though must be a fairly typical one and I wonder if your readers will come up with some ingenious solutions.

The appeal that rubber has for me is mainly due to its look and its feel, but there is a kind of paradox in the appeal that rubber as a protective material has for me and I think it is the same with other readers. Protection implies that you are prevented from reaching out and touching, but yet it has the reverse effect – attraction. Perhaps your interviewees could explain that?

– D.R. ACS477