I first discovered latex when I went to Graduate School in 1973. Several firms advertised in the cheap magazines, and, being curious, I sent for the catalogues. The photos of some of the items were well done with style and great workmanship and my interest was aroused.

The next year I was visiting Las Vegas and stopped in an adult bookstore and there found two books! ‘Rubber Life’ and ‘Rubber Nurse’. The content and the writing were very poor but in the former there were several pages showing latex clothing for sale by Slimwear of America. I sent away for a catsuit and found that the skin-tight suit made me feel wonderful. Shortly after I saw an ad for Innskin and bought a couple of nice things from them.

All the time I was trying to find out more about latex and why I liked it, and how widespread was the use of it. I bought several magazines but found that as well as the photos being posed, they were used quite often in different magazines to illustrate different stories which ruined the effect – it was pure commercialism without genuine feeling. I found one small book which tried to explain the appeal of latex and from it I gained some insight into latex uses. I also kept adding to my collection of latex from time to time with cost being the controlling factor. Then l came to Europe and I was not prepared for what I found. I walked into a sex shop near the Frankfurt Main Line Station and saw latex and leather apparel for sale over the counter. I also found several well printed, better produced magazines on latex and, although I could not read the text which was in German, the nature of the publications and the subject covered brought forth the full impact of the so-called sexual revolution which has opened up this whole subject. Then I found Atomage and bought the first issue mainly because it was in English. Since then I have purchased all the back issues and delight in your free, intelligent approach to the subject. I feel that I shall be in latex for the rest of my life and I hope one day to find a woman who can share my feelings.

Here are some personal ideas on latex and what it means to me. At first my catsuit which becomes a second skin, if you wish of a female form. For sometimes I like to be a TV and it allows me to be what I am not – a woman. That stage soon passes and is replaced by a feeling of warmth. The sensual nature of my suit reaches deep into my being for it touches all of my senses – sight, the colour of the latex; hearing, the rippling and rustling of the latex when I am breathing through the mask; smell, latex, baby powder and my sweat mingling; touch or feeling, my entire body surface is aware of my latex suit.

Our skin surface is the most sensitive part for the appreciation of the fine senses and dressed in my catsuit I can totally unwind from my tensions. I can wear my latex suit with street clothes or with other latex garments and after a few hours feel relaxed. A latex suit to me is cheaper than a visit to the doctor for some pills to give me tile same effect. I also wear latex for the pure pleasure of it. I wear my catsuit for hours and have even sometimes worn it for several days at a time.

What latex I wear depends on my mood. I can wear a catsuit to sleep in or to go out in, wearing it under my street clothes. If I want to relax, I wear a catsuit followed by a light green lounging suit with a black sash, custom made for me by Innskin. (They do a very good job of making a woman’s garment suitable for a man to wear.) Then I will listen to the stereo whilst reading a good book. Sometimes I will exercise to work up a sweat and then clean up around my room to keep the body heat high.

Sometimes I go out and take a walk. I have even had an adventure in latex. I was in a little town in Germany and the hotel I was staying at was just across the road from a wooded section of land. Well, for several days we had very dense evening fog. One night while wearing my catsuit I decided to venture out. I put on my street clothes and, taking along a hood and a mask, t walked into the woods. I walked to a secluded spot off one of the paths. There I stripped down to my catsuit, donning my hood and mask. I walked in the woods during the next hour. The fog added a sense of atmosphere like an old werewolf movie. I walked the wooded paths and trails and rested on the ground under a large tree for a while. I lay on the cool damp grass watching the fog drift down from the hills into the valley and the cars in the village. Walking down the hill 1 discovered a freshly ploughed field and felt the fresh earth under my feet. I came on to the road and then 1 watched cars driving through the fog knowing that t could see them and 1 was safe in my black catsuit. I was warm and never even felt the fog against my latex clad body.

The stories you have published in Aromage, and the pictures, about wading makes me want to find a pond where 1 can go wading in the water and along its muddy banks. 1 will probably try scuba diving when I return to the States.

Helen has asked why she could not sweat while wearing latex? I had the same trouble until I realised it was the black colour of the catsuit that was the cause. The law of black body radiation was the problem. A person must be hot in order to sweat, but the black cat suit radiated heat away from tile faster than I could store it. When I want to sweat I must be very active, plus in winter or cold to cool temperature I must have the heat on full. You, Helen, may want to try fixing dinner or do some baking so that the heat of the cooking or the oven plus the activity, will cause the sweating you want In summer it is easy: just move around in a catsuit on a warm summer day. Or take a walk, or if you dare, Helen, work in the back yard cleaning up. The feeling of latex over your skin, lubricated by your own moisture, is a very different sensation.

– J. M. (ACS 434)