If only there were more women like the author of “Why I like Leather” (A.15). Her self-assurance and her personality show between the lines of her witty and intelligent article. I am sure there are lots of women who feel just like her, but they do not dare to act it out. That is probably the reason why there is so much envy among the women she meets. It is a question of convention. The argument “To wear boots to please a man is indecent and really something to be frowned upon” is completely irrational. What about lipstick? Bra? Silky stockings? High heels? Make-up etc. etc? The criticism is not if you do it to please a man (because this is completely natural and as old as humanity) but only if her intentions are shared and accepted by the majority. With leather and rubber this is not the case so she is looked upon as ‘indecent’.

A woman who doesn’t care about these conventions most certainly has a strong personality. The women with such a personality are still a tiny minority. This is something deeply rooted which you can’t change with rational arguments. And still I think this is the point which we rubber and leather lovers should start working on. As to the elegance of rubber and leather I agree with her that leather is certainly more elegant. But I doubt whether elegance is of much importance for us rubber lovers. Of course I like to see a lady dressed in elegant leather (or even rubber) but for myself I don’t care about wearing it. Maybe there is a basic difference between the male and the female view. I have never regarded my rubber clothes as ‘fashion’. But I understand that for a woman it is very important to look elegant.

– M.B. (Switzerland).