My first efforts as a columnist seems to have met with approval although I was looking for a greater response from women readers. Mind you, my remarks about almost all women disliking wearing thing over their face seems to have struck a common chord. I have now hard from several more ladies who agree they only don the mask or gasmask to please him, although one told me of a close friend who really likes wearing a gasmask for love making. Apparently the echo of her own breathing inside the mask intensifies the pleasure and she is very grateful to her husband for introducing her to the practice!


Ladies can you tell me something? When you wear your masks and helmets and these beautiful, glossy, luxuriant ponytails are waving around like plumes, are they your own hair or are they hair pieces pulled through and allowed to cascade down your backs? A friend I have met through Atomage who has very pretty, but very short, curly hair showed me a picture of herself in a very striking outfit and there from behind the helmet flowed this beautiful, floating tail. She tells me the hairpiece was her own idea, but is this the case with other women? Or do the men like it?


I really cannot believe these women who tell me that wrapped up in a tight rubber suit for some hours enables them to lose pounds and pounds. It certainly does not do that for me. When I take off my ‘rubber’ all I want to do – irrespective of the time of year – is to jump very quickly into a nice, steaming hot bath, because quite frankly when I wear rubber next to the skin I freeze.

I know I always feel the cold, but honestly when I am totally suited in rubber, my goosepimples get goosepimples! It does not matter how long I am encased, even with the addition of my now famous size 4 waders, rubbers gloves, SBR raincoat, hood and gasmask, when I remove all my gear, the latex suit is completely dry. Not a sign of all the beautiful moisture of which I have heard so much. In fact, rubber gloves make my hands so dry that I have to smother them with cream before I putt them on otherwise my hands feel as if they are crying out for moisture. Now why? Am I a unique physical specimen with refrigerator coils instead of veins, or are there others like me? Please, I would like to know.