Who would like to propose free style leather wearing as a competitive Olympic sport, continues her column over which the management have very little real control.

My unqualified thoughts in A25 on the subject of marriage and tolerance produced several sharp reactions. An Australian reader who admitted he was a male chauvinist reminded me that the word ‘obey’ was still in the marriage service, and he felt that there were times when a wife should wear what her husband asked her.

I have always felt that there is a basic misunderstanding about the concept of marriage. My sex are, basically, concerned with sharing in the material advantages of a consumer society and with security with a capital S. To achieve this they are prepared to offer their body and the gift of paternity to the man.

The man is concerned with obtaining a sexual partner over whom he can exercise exclusive rights, and he also wants a housekeeper. For this he offers financial security and a roof. This may seem a harsh simplification, but I believe that modern men and women still tend to expect too much of marriage and both are prepared to give too little.

Like any business partnership you have to work at it if it is going to succeed.

If you want testimonial proof of this I suggest you turn to our Intimate Interview which is with two very good friends of ours who have become experts on the subject the hardest way possible. I’m considered to be pretty tough, but it really touched me when I heard the story of heartbreak and unhappiness and how, at last, commonsense and love prevailed. It was a story far better than anything in any one of the women’s magazines and I commend it to all women readers – and to those who will insist in regarding Atomage as ‘a dirty book’.

My fabulous new leather coat from Atomage – note the unusual styling with the ‘half belt’.


At last – I have got my new leather coat, and with it comes the very good news that Atomage are back in business making custom made leather of the very highest quality. The skins, the stitching, the style, the finish are all impeccable. To say I am thrilled is the understatement of the year. As Robert remarked: “She was almost speechless with ecstasy.”

John Sutcliffe is the best pattern cutter and designer of leather that I know. From the very sketchiest idea that I gave him some while ago I have now got a coat which has all the following marvellous and original features.

The cut is superb, the sleeves are exactly the right length, the little mandarin collar and the zipped front lend elegance to the coat that by its very plainess and cut is a joy to behold. The very full back is not heavy, because, like my lovely vinyl cape, the weight is taken by the perfect fit and cut of the shoulders. The finish is also superb. Unlike so many garments today, irrespective of price, the coat could be worn inside out with the same aplomb.

I am one of those women who get a great thrill out of having something that is individually made for me, and knows that there is nothing else anywhere in the world worn by a woman that is anything like it.

A neighbour of mine said that leather was all right on the back of a motor bike but you couldn’t wear it in the street. I think my coat will prove just how stupid that remark is. So if you are thinking of buying your wife a marvellous and lasting gift – you know the address.

Next issue – my new cape. Watch this space!