Slow Awakening

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and dismayed by the increasing number of letters from male readers who moan and complain that girls do not like rubber, that it’s only a male prerogative, and why does his wife or girlfriend not allow him to dress her in heavy tight rubber, with a gas mask and hood, and hang her upside-down from the chandelier? To be serious for a brief moment, I’m certain this is largely their own fault. Continue reading “Slow Awakening”

Building A Rack

One of the continual problems I and others face is the desire to have larger items of ‘equipment’ which can be easily assembled, and dismantled, and easily stored. This is my method of converting a standard double divan bed into a horizontal rack on which the ‘slave’ can be stretched. Continue reading “Building A Rack”

Needs Of Nature II

Robert wants to know how readers manage to attend to the needs of nature whilst wearing a full length catsuit for hours. This particular reader wears a suit with a crotch zip on such expeditions, but I can imagine that less fastidious people might well let it all happen. In any case, there are appliances for incontinent advertised in the weekend newspapers, so one of these might provide the solution, rather than the suit. Does the mention of Helen’s amused assistance imply that she was not wearing such a suit, or can she hold her liquor? Continue reading “Needs Of Nature II”

Needs Of Nature I

Robert, in his column in A28 (page 7) asked a very pertinent question about the problems of wearing rubber suits. I think, as the author of ‘The Willing Servant’, in your supplement I am well placed to try and answer the questions. In the first part, the ‘wants of nature’ … my suit has a lockable, zip pouch and allows for this function although when I am going to have a session, especially if it is to be a long one, then I take care during the previous day or two to limit my intake. Also in the case of the full week-end sessions, I had to prepare very carefully, because there was, like Robert’s suit, no way of attending to a major function. Continue reading “Needs Of Nature I”