My Introduction

Although I had been messing about with rubber gloves and latex football bladders for some time, my first real contact with latex clothing was about two years ago after I had been reading one of the “Girly mags”. This contained an advert for rubber goods of various descriptions. Continue reading “My Introduction”

Night Wading

We have only just moved to a hilly area with a lot of streams and small lakes, but the only trouble is that it is highly populated. So about two weeks after we moved in, my wife and I went for a walk in the area to look at the streams and lakes. Continue reading “Night Wading”

Wading Enthusiast

I recently obtained for the first time a copy of “Rubberist” (No. 4) and felt I should like to express my appreciation. The wading picture on page 5 by Tony G. are superb – just what I like – and I would like to congratulate and thank him for them. I have been a “wader” for 25 years and in all that time I have only met one other enthusiast, so it was great to know there are others about. I like and wear all kinds of rubber. The smell is lovely, but my first love is rubber boots, preferably wet, and they still rate tops with me. I spent my first wage packet on a pair of boots. They were called “Rockbusters” and I think the family car got washed more than necessary as I enjoyed getting them wet. Continue reading “Wading Enthusiast”

Sharing Our Pleasure

Sarah and I wanted to share another of our rubber love-sessions with you, hoping that they give you some pleasure too. It is a delight for us to set about putting on rubber, deciding what outfits we will wear, what activities we will get up to this time. Always, there is the sweet ache of anticipation, the odd weakness in the limbs at the thought of being in rubber again. It is hard to describe but I know that many of you have felt it: a genuine ache of the heart, a thrilling excitement down there in the soul. Continue reading “Sharing Our Pleasure”

Rubber Enigma

One has only to look at the job columns in newspapers and magazines to realise that a rubberist with marital problems is just the tip of the iceberg. His problem is a sensual one that started, in many cases, during infancy, created by the maternal sexual qualities inherent in the rubber enigma. Continue reading “Rubber Enigma”

Just For Fun

In July 1984 I was staying with my friend Carole whilst her widowed father was away on holiday. I was looking through some magazines and came upon two copies of ‘The Rubberist’. Carole had told me that her father had some rubber clothes and gas masks, but she had never shown me any. Anyway I looked through them and liked what I saw, of people dressing for pleasure in rubber. I kept wondering if I should ask Carole to show me some of the things her father had. Continue reading “Just For Fun”

Dressed Up

I have recently bought a rubber suit from Sealwear and it is just superb. They are certainly very clever and the workmanship is excellent. It is made of heavy (maximum weight) black rubber with built in feet but minus gloves. Continue reading “Dressed Up”

Changing Times

From time to time in the past I have seen your magazine and whilst it has interested me a great deal, I have always been surprised that it includes so much that is abnormal as far as everyday life is concerned, and so little, relatively speaking, that, while exciting and attractive, is normal insofar as it could be worn quite openly without exciting comment from the more narrow minded members of society! Continue reading “Changing Times”