Leather Care

As you probably know there could never be too many gasmasks for me! Indeed it seems a pity in many ways that the columns in the ACS sheets do not contain an extra one headed ‘Masks’. I have made quite a few pen friends now through the ACS, which is very nice although often it seems that the people with like interests such as wearing masks live at opposite ends of the country. Continue reading “Leather Care”

Latex Photos

Although bondage generally leaves me cold, I have tried one of the ploys of the author of S.B. (Supplement 15) and that is of dressing in a latex suit, covering it with ordinary clothes and then walking in public. I have found it rather exciting to know that if I get hot and sweaty or the sleeves of the suit suddenly appear in view, there is nothing I can do about it until I am home again. Continue reading “Latex Photos”

Feeling Conspicous

I have questioned my wife about her dislike of mackintoshes and all I obtained were the stock answers: she does not like the smell, she likes even less the fact that the smell clings to her other clothes, they are sweaty and spoil her other clothes, in cold weather macks do not keep her warm, and in warm weather make her feel extremely hot. Also she feels like a change after 20 years of rubberised rainwear. Well, I will not bore you with the counter arguments I could put to these criticisms, but at the end she summed it all up by saying she feels conspicuous when wearing rubber macks. Continue reading “Feeling Conspicous”