Candid Comments

After reading Helen’s column in A22 I am of the opinion that it veers against women dressing to please their men rather than encouraging them to do so. She intimates that men are selfish to expect their women folk to dress up in unorthodox clothing solely for their benefit. What she says would give the impression to women – who may be on the brink in indulging their husband’s whim – that dressing in such clothing is an uncomfortable and miserable experience and would spoil any sexual experience they might have. This does not encourage women to overcome any fears and prejudices they might hold about these unorthodox acts in dressing in the cause of love. Continue reading “Candid Comments”

Perfect Material

Up to the invention of plastics, rubber was the epitome of man’s creative genius in finding a substance which was impervious to moisture, was light, smooth and flexible and above all durable. It afforded him for the first time a means of combating the elements, meeting nature on its own terms. Continue reading “Perfect Material”

Men’s Fashions

I have been reading with much interest Helen’s recent articles and follow-up correspondence on a more stylish approach to ladies’ fashions when made up in our favourite materials, and ‘more power to her elbow’ in getting the suppliers to adopt her ideas. Even so, there is already quite a selection of elegant styles available to the ladies, not only through the specialist suppliers for dress around the home, but also from the major retail outlets for macs and boots where the manufacurers have recognised that there is a demand for practicality and elegance when wet weather comes. Continue reading “Men’s Fashions”

Anti Gas

My girl friend and I are ardent gas protection lovers. We first met in a Civil Defence squad and soon found out that we both enjoyed it for fetishistic reasons. We live together now and undertake regular anti-gas training programmes. We wear gas masks and rubber protection gear for long periods and have even turned our sauna bath room into a ‘test chamber’, where we wear our protective apparel. Continue reading “Anti Gas”


I have yet to read anything in Atomage on latex bedclothing – sheets, pillow cases and pyjamas. I have always enjoyed wearing rubber but my wife much less so until a few years ago when she went to work as a secretary to a well-known showbiz person. By chance she saw his bedroom and the bed was made up with coloured latex sheets and pillow cases – the very softest of soft rubber. When she told me how nice it looked I was immediately intrigued and a little while later I managed to obtain sheets of the necessary material. Continue reading “Bedtime”