High Heels

I am very interested in women who wear high heeled shoes and high heeled boots – especially the latter. Are they aware, I wonder, of the excitement they create amongst men, and also are they aware of the psychological affect it has on them? Continue reading “High Heels”

Prevent Perishing

A problem that crops up frequently with wearing rubber clothing is that it tends to perish unless care is taken with it. Your readers might like to know that the principal cause of rubber deteriorating and perishing is not human sweat or heat, but simply exposing it to ultra violet light, i.e. daylight. Continue reading “Prevent Perishing”

Tight Garments

It is always a challenge to match total appearance with the role one plays and make-up, accessories, even shoes or boots, can make or mar the appearance and credibility of the character. In a humdrum sense, ladies have, or are expected to assume so many roles, it is a natural extension in our fantasy world to continue this but in our pedantic perfectionism to seek total correctness. Mathematically speaking, the effect produced on our partners is always, I find, equated to the trouble taken and to complete the equation, brings maximum pleasure for us. Continue reading “Tight Garments”