Rubber Turn On

I thought I should write and tell you of the exciting things taking place here in dealing with individuals who love to wear rubber garments and explain their fascination. For many years I have been interested in helping those who need understanding about their compulsion to wear rubber outfits and I feel now I have the answer to everyone who wants to enjoy just what he or she wants to do in wearing rubber. Basically, this is done by openly stating that when one wears rubber, the magnetic field that emits from the body is contained within the body. This has been proved by ‘Kirlian’ photography in psychic research experiments. The magnetic field returns to the body’s source because the rubber outfit worn by the individual does not allow this force to escape and so one is able to take advantage of harnessing this energy. Following and understanding this approach removes the guilt feelings which a narrow-minded society has pinned on us who are believers in the need for rubber wear. Continue reading “Rubber Turn On”

Evil Disguise

I can only write as an observer of the scene: I love SBR but I do agree with you that it must fit well and correctly. I also think it looks best worn with shapely high heeled hoots. What a shame we no longer see the beautiful, colourful, rubberised satin mackintoshes of tile 40s and 50s. What memories even from childhood. How they hung and rustled from the hips when tightly belted. The mouth waters now! Continue reading “Evil Disguise”

Not Natural

I am really pleased that a woman is prepared to say firmly and loudly that all this rubber stuff is not natural to most women and most of us have to make a real effort to go along with our husband’s crazier ideas. We don’t like saying ‘no’ when he is ‘in the mood’ but there never seems to be any half measures and if I don’t put on the dirty, smelly gasmask, then I don’t love him, he says. I will go half way and I was so pleased to be able to point to Helen’s column and say “There, I’ve been telling you that”. Maybe now he’ll listen and maybe he’ll get some of the nicer things I’ve seen in the catalogues rather than the tight fitting suits that make me feel like an express parcel. Continue reading “Not Natural”