Sexual Performance

An aspect of dressing for pleasure which intrigues me – particularly in this overstatement of the total protection story – is the problem that both men and women must have in creating a design that affords this total protection while, at the same time, allowing discretionary freedom for certain vital areas of the anatomy. Continue reading “Sexual Performance”


My wife is not interested in wearing rubber or vinyl or, indeed, in anything but the plainest and simplest fashions. Her reasons – to me – are that she hasn’t got the figure, the looks, the time, the inclination or the money and at least she is not like some women who demand a monthly clothing allowance. She is not a frigid person, far from it, and has a very happy lovable disposition (for which I married her) but doesn’t like clothes. So I have tried giving her things at birthdays and Christmas – a long chill-on rubber kaftan, a rather exotic black rubber boudoir outfit – and if I can get her in the right mood and if I make a special effort she will put them on for me. But it is all so lack-lustre that it ends with my being put right off rather than right on. So is there a rubber aphrodisiac, Mr. Sutcliffe, that you sell or something that might inspire same semblance of excitement, eroticism, rubberism and what all, or do I just decline into black despair? Continue reading “Aphrodisiac”