Totally Enclosed

In Atomage I was looking at a lady totally encased in latex rubber and wondering why it is that we find these photos so beautiful. Do you believe that there are a great many people who would honestly appreciate these photos? We like them because we are passionately fond of the beautiful female totally enclosed and sealed in a formfitting, tight second skin of latex rubber. Do you think there are many people who appreciate the smoothness and the gloss of rubber to the point where this rubber-takes preference over human skin … as a sexual stimulant? Continue reading “Totally Enclosed”

Leather Lure

It is our belief that affinity for leather stems from its consistent use by man-kind thousands of years before the invention of other clothing materials. Yet among those who have a strong affinity for leather there is a proportion whose main ‘drive’ is to see it worn by others – principally their partners. Continue reading “Leather Lure”