Personality And Conventions

If only there were more women like the author of “Why I like Leather” (A.15). Her self-assurance and her personality show between the lines of her witty and intelligent article. I am sure there are lots of women who feel just like her, but they do not dare to act it out. That is probably the reason why there is so much envy among the women she meets. It is a question of convention. The argument “To wear boots to please a man is indecent and really something to be frowned upon” is completely irrational. What about lipstick? Bra? Silky stockings? High heels? Make-up etc. etc? The criticism is not if you do it to please a man (because this is completely natural and as old as humanity) but only if her intentions are shared and accepted by the majority. With leather and rubber this is not the case so she is looked upon as ‘indecent’. Continue reading “Personality And Conventions”

Ecstasy In Rubber

The insatiable craving for rubber, for beautiful women in rubber, surely must have profound inner urging, surely must spring from a deep ancestral or subconscious desire, to be so persistent and so commanding. It must be, generally speaking, a kind of desperate search for some suspected well-being. As music can make one, so to speak “spiritually drunken”, so can latex rubber make one “sensually drunken”. There is an ecstasy in rubber, as there is one in sex and, strange to say, in spirituality, or in the practice of it religious cult, if you prefer and if I am not offending you. I have often thought that the apparent well-being engendered by sex, religion and latex rubber, if I am not being irreverent, is much the same in many respects. Maybe this idea is unusual but I do like exploration in the field of thought …. and feeling. Continue reading “Ecstasy In Rubber”