Rubber Masochism

Following my article ‘Memories of a Rubber Lover’ in Atomage 14, I have been asked by readers to describe the way I dress and to enlarge on my statement ‘I believe that in the wonderful feelings I experience when I am clad in rubber the initial feelings (the ‘normal’ negative associations) are – unconsciously – still present’. To me this already includes a certain element of masochism. I enjoy being dressed in an ‘ugly’ material which is normally used for dirty work or by people who wet their bed. My every-day personality is swept away by those feelings. Continue reading “Rubber Masochism”

Womb Or Tomb?

The very word ‘rubber’ excites me and the thought of its smooth, cool touch against my skin can immediately inspire pleasure. I have been a lover of rubber for at least fifteen years and nothing yet has come along to change my feelings. I never find the subject boring; on the contrary when I am bored I turn to rubber to refresh my thoughts and my mental balance. Continue reading “Womb Or Tomb?”