Leather Turn On

I am often asked why I find leather, latex and mackintosh clothes fun to wear – and I always answer ‘sensuality’. The soft soft, cool, suppleness of the materials are are sexy to touch: the glistening look and and feel of latex, soft clinging effects of well cut and good leather skins, and the slinky, stiff and proud appeal of the mackintosh. And the ladies in Atomage who wear these materials all have instant eye appeal. Continue reading “Leather Turn On”

Leather Types

Lovers of leather surely come in two varieties – those who like wearing it, and those who like to see ladies wearing it? Both are surely bondage orientated, hence so many outfits with whips. Men have such a job maintaining the role of male domination that they have to seek relief by occasionally accepting subservience to a dominant mistress – I am sure I read that somewhere and it does seem to be true. Continue reading “Leather Types”

Leather Against The Skin

The ‘Love of Leather’ articles are interesting especially the one by Mr. Miller – “the unashamed fetishist” – but no one has mentioned the leather lovers who prefer to wear leather – smooth side in – directly against the skin. This interest, of course, does not lend itself to your photographic talents as the wearer shows no outward sign of his interest. Continue reading “Leather Against The Skin”

Exciting Rubber

Rubber – what a lovely exciting word and the very thought of its soft, smooth feel inspires me. Rubber is an erotic material where leather is only sensual. I can enjoy wearing leather and be seen in public wearing leather, but rubber is my private pleasure and an afternoon dressing and undressing in rubber is, for me, the finest ‘hobby’ I can think of. I would never wear rubber outdoors and I am not really so interested in its waterproof properties unless I first lay out my rubber bed sheet and soak myself – rubber clad of course, under the shower and then recline and roll, feeling the moisture through the rubber, squeezed between the layers. Continue reading “Exciting Rubber”

Concerto For Rubber

Thank you for Atomage and some very good designs for outfits and especially thanks to reader PD who gave me a marvellous idea – tape recording. I have made several tapes of my “Dressing for Pleasure” and it is quite true what he says about their individual sounds: latex ripples and gives – a distinctive elastic ‘flick’, trousers swish, gloves hiss up the arms and raincoats rustle. Buckles have a musical sound, while zips chatter. Boots, especially waders, give a lovely sigh of welcome as you pour your latexed legs into them. Then there is that lovely final scrape and clunk as you tighten the straps. Continue reading “Concerto For Rubber”