Rubber Boots

Perhaps you could give me some advice? I have a number of pairs of wellingtons but find that I cannot wear them with a rubber outfit that has ‘socks’ to it. I have always had a high instep and have really to push my feet into them. While wearing rubber socks I am afraid that if I push my feet down really hard I will rip the rubber. The material which lines the wellingtons seems to be the trouble. Do you know of anyone perhaps who makes a rubber lined boot, or could you give me some advice on the matter? Continue reading “Rubber Boots”

Rubber Sunday

It’s nine o’clock on a heatwave Sunday morning, and I am dressed in rubber, sitting in the sunshine that streams in through the landing window. I wear two layers of black wigan, the inner one worn inside out to have rubber next to the skin. A pair of slim, shiny jeans are covered by a second flared pair which fit snugly together. Two macs are similarly worn to give a double layer of wigan, the outer being a heavy riding mac. Rubber wellington boots, of course! Continue reading “Rubber Sunday”

Love Of Leather

Our latest enthusiastic contributor to this series Mr. J. Miller says that “as an unashamed fetishist he likes to think that magazines such as Atomage and the others” are a genuine, even necessary, outlet for people with a hankering for a fetish on something”. Mr. Miller says “I have been a leather, boots and latex fan for longer than I can remember and am a little outrageous in my dress in public, at times … which gives me a kick, and amuses me too!”
Continue reading “Love Of Leather”