There are questions on which I would like readers’ advice. In the country on a wet winter day I was wearing the suitable protection of a thin latex suit with a second one piece suit in a heavier rubber on top; waders and an SBR coat. We called at a little country pub (the SBR hardly rates a second glance) where they serve a cask conditioned beer I enjoy. I had two pints and before leaving felt it advisable to make a call. There the absence of a crotch zip on the outer second suit proved a major and uncomfortable handicap. I could not get the suit open from the top so it could be pulled down and it required Helen’s amused assistance at a quiet country spot to obey the needs of nature. Now I enjoyed the complete protection afforded by my outfit but what I want to know is how readers manage wearing a suit, often all day, without encountering my kind of difficulty?

I would also like some questions answered on the subject of coping with sweat. A latex catsuit tends to collect sweat, particularly in the feet, after a while; quickly if you are enjoying any form of ‘exercise’. So many readers write to say they wear their suits all day and often all night, yet how do they deal with the accumulation of body sweat? Or is that a part of pleasure?

On an outdoor trip I often wear a garment and socks beneath the suit to absorb the sweat, but aficionados tell me this spoils the real pleasure.