Robert wants to know how readers manage to attend to the needs of nature whilst wearing a full length catsuit for hours. This particular reader wears a suit with a crotch zip on such expeditions, but I can imagine that less fastidious people might well let it all happen. In any case, there are appliances for incontinent advertised in the weekend newspapers, so one of these might provide the solution, rather than the suit. Does the mention of Helen’s amused assistance imply that she was not wearing such a suit, or can she hold her liquor?

As regards sweating, for me this is a part of pleasure, but though, as you say, moisture tends to collect in the feet, I have found that the quantity varies as the day goes on. Sometimes the feet of the suit seem to be full up to the ankles, but after a time the fluid will have virtually disappeared. Don’t ask me where it goes maybe it is re-absorbed into the skin.

If you wear a rubber suit with a crotch zip under normal clothes on these occasions, you will need to wear a pair of rubber pants over the suit (like Superman) because otherwise your sweat will seep through the zip and give anyone who may see you the impression you were ‘caught short’. The first time I experimented in this way I wore a two-piece latex suit without feet. The result was soggy socks and shoes which took ages to dry out, and when they had, they were white! It took a long while to restore them to a reasonable state.

– A.S. (Surrey)