I particularly enjoyed reading the article on Secret Bondage in Supplement 15 which is very much in accordance with my own tastes and also your ‘Willing Servant’ continues to fascinate me with his detailed descriptions.

His sessions rather match many of my own, except that my equipment is different and I prefer the kind of all enveloping sack with various breathing tubes which I wear over my two rubber suits, with my hands strapped to my sides, and my legs manacled.

My wife is my ‘Attendant’ for these periods of what I describe as ‘Dark Devotion’. The reason I choose this particular ‘punishment’ is that secured in my enclosed world just like your Willing Servant, I find it a period of relaxation and meditation.

Your ‘Willing Servant’ doesn’t say what he thinks about during these periods when he is at the mercy of Madame and I would be interested to hear of his thoughts at this time. I suspect that, like me, his mind goes almost completely blank shut away in the dark world, and in many ways, I think it is similar to religious meditation except that it goes a stage further with the mind simply going into neutral which is why I think it can be so beneficial to many whose jobs involve pressure and tension.

There are periods when I think of my condition, when I know that I am totally at the mercy of someone else, held in a total vacuum, a mind in limbo. There is a pleasantly frightening sense of dependence – and yet peace because everything is now someone else’s responsibility, not yours.

Contrary to what many think, this is not a period of sexual pleasure – the pleasure goes beyond this. Times of sexual pleasure and relief can come in the Secret Bondage sessions such as your other reader so graphically describes.

My wife has often questioned me as to what I think about during my periods of black devotion or my periods in secret bondage, but I find it something rather difficult to explain – at least, to put into words. Hence, I would like to have the thoughts of your other readers since I have not seen this covered elsewhere in your magazine.

– Dark Devotee.