Your Supplement is doing a truly excellent job showing bondage and restriction without the extreme cruelty that the porn pedlars seem to think is the only way to depict a subject and increase their sales. I like to think of pain as a symbol of love, an offering to the loved one of something tangible given from the heart.

I realise this may seem a rather odd view since most masochists are regarded as indulging in the ultimate selfishness.

When I am strapped in my rubber suit tightly chained to the bed, gagged, bound and blindfolded I am expiating my sins and errors, suffering the punishments that she has decreed. Mine is a perfect love – so I believe – for I am showing her that I am her most abject and humble slave and my life is henceforth devoted to her happiness. There are those I know who regard this form of love as being unhealthy, but then I think it is generally agreed that no one has ever defined love correctly.

Mine is a second marriage, and my loved one was a widow whose husband died tragically after 15 happy years. My wife was a cautious convert, but is now as enthusiastic as I, and we only wish we could demonstrate our philosophy to our friends, many of whom have marriage problems of their own and to whom we can’t explain our secret.

Please try to show more stories and pictures of husband and wife together such as ACS499 and ACS534. Yours is the only publication I have ever seen in thirty years of collecting that shows real people showing the real love life.

– S.K. (London).