Firstly, may I congratulate you on A25 and 26, plus the fascinating Supplements. You have, indeed, set yourselves very high standards and it must be rewarding to see your efforts bearing real fruit through the obvious interest and enthusiasm generated by active correspondence and contributions.

With regard to the former, many of us probably have good intentions but somehow become too placid, as it were, to take pen to paper. Technical skills are possessed by only a few but, of course, if they are shared (as they are through your magazine) then others less fortunate can acquire them – excellence in photography is but one example. The quality of production and obvious painstaking editorial care you take in appealing to our real pleasures are things in which you can justly take pride.

I have always been passionately fond of inflatable’s and feel they represent the ultimate in our most satisfying pleasures that are to be gained through wearing rubber. I was really thrilled by the pictures of the dungeon in Supplement 14, especially the slave being ‘blown up’ on page 19, although some of the other more painful possibilities hold little appeal. It would be really great to have more details of that all embracing rubber sack suit. There appear to be some interesting gadgets and several inflation points on it so that quite a repertoire of sensation could be played upon the helpless slave within. His preparation and treatment would make a fascinating study.

I can imagine the master enjoying seeing the gentle and perhaps at times more vigorous writhings of the sack under orgasm upon the rubber mattress which would also produce that delicious symphony of rustling so many of us enjoy. I find subjugation and loss of control over my own movements a meaningful pleasure. If that is a part of sadomasochism then I am happy with it. After all, when all is said and done, that is what counts in the end. If shared, even better.

If I go on much longer and you choose to print this, I may be accused of lowering your standards and that I would not wish to do. However, all we can attempt each in his or her own way, is to be honest with ourselves and hope that in so doing we can share pleasure without causing hurt or harm to others, but only enjoyment.

– J.G. (New Zealand)