One of my favourite outfits is a two piece suit, purchased at a local surplus dealer, made for the U.S. forces in green rubber. It comprises high rise trousers with braces and an anorak with peaked hood. The material is fairly stiff and is green rubber outside and black rubber inside.

A friend wanted to try various forms of bondage. He was keen on rubber gear and had his own suit and boots and also the chains and handcuffs shown in the pictures. He had had some previous experience of bondage with a friend but wanted to extend his experience further. I duly obliged adding some of my own equipment. This included a rubber hood with nose holes only and a soft rubber tube for greater air supply. This tube arrangement enabled me to control his air supply but the nose holes also ensured that he did have some measure of breathing available.

The underwater shot was taken in a bathroom and it was at my suggestion that he should try ‘underwater bondage’. He agreed so I dressed him in his one piece black latex suit. However, as the rubber riding boots were not suitable I added my own short rubber socks to seal off the bottom of the suit. I then fitted him with rubber gloves and the first open faced rubber hood. I added the gasmask and then fitted a second open face hood over the mask straps to give a good seal. However, as this was the first time my friend had tried this outfit I dispensed with the chains and handcuffs in case he had to pull himself out of the water and remove the mask, if anything went wrong.

Unfortunately, he also had to hold the gasmask tube above the water whilst I took the photo, otherwise I had hold of the tube to his breathing control. I was able to hold him under the water for nearly a quarter of an hour, forcing him down and making him lie still. He said afterwards ‘it was quite an experience’ and gave him great pleasure. We hope to meet up again sometime and further the experience by having him chained and weighted down. Needless to say this is part of my own fantasy having always associated water and rubber together and being interested in the possibilities of underwater bondage.

– J. F. (Suffolk)