How very wrong your correspondent was to say that rubber is only liked by men. As you rightly say in Supplement 14 you now have some beautiful reasons to show that he is wrong. The enthusiasm with which ‘’Vroomska’ pulls on waders over her latex suit and her rubber gown over it and … wow! The truth is better than fiction! And now comes Mrs. ‘M’ elegantly strapped up in black rubber, together with the talented and cool Miss T.D. in her shiny bondage. “About four hours is the maximum” she says. Only someone who has experienced tight bondage in rubber will know what a marathon that really is.

Submission to shiny black rubber becomes more complete as the hours go by and ones feelings grow used to the smell of mackintosh, the blindfolding, the trussing and the helplessness of being strapped up. The degree of sensitiveness increases in spite of one getting used to some things. Pleasure in being encased in rubber is deeper after three hours in it.

The first sharp thrill is beautiful, I agree, but it cannot compare with the surprise addition of more rubber or a new severity after an hour or two of discipline. Even just tightening the straps after an hour brings new depths of enslaving joy. An extra hood or gasmask have the same effect.

I use those elastic round straps that fasten things on bike carriers. They have hooks at each end, and they apply a steady pressure, while allowing some movement, even walking if allowed.

I look forward to reading and seeing more of all the young ladies who love rubber and enjoy wearing shiny wellingtons, mackintoshes and tight suits. If they like to be strapped and gagged for four hours while they contemplate their next letter to you, so much the merrier.

– Jay.