The use of rubber garments with bondage is now recognised as a pastime enjoyed by many normal married and unmarried people. This short personal account illustrates the use of rubber garments in this way.

In my particular use, a sense of excitement and atmosphere is built up during the day by suggesting that a session is being planned. I begin to decide what items will be worn and what form the activity will take and whether I or my partner will be the ‘dresser’ or ‘wearer’.

A fairly typical session will begin with the wearer being dressed in a purpose made medium weight panti-suit with long sleeves ending with straps and buckles. This allows the wearer’s arms to be restrained in various positions. The wearer is then shown a number of different hoods and one is selected and slowly put on. The photograph shows the wearer in the panti-suit with an inflatable hood, plus ‘breathe-thru’ inflatable gag and blindfold.

The wearer may then be placed in further garments. In the photograph the wearer is in a large black rubberised nylon sheath with hood, with a small mouth opening, through which the stern of the ‘breathe thru’ gag can come. The wearer will remain in this for a period of time, the dresser never leaving the room for safety reasons.

Alternatively, the wearer may be enclosed in a large blue rubberised nylon cape with hood. The hood has been adapted so that the inner lining comes over the hood in which the wearer is already enclosed. The photograph shows this. Over this can then be placed a large white cape without any arm slits and having a full face mask and hood. This has only a small mouth opening through which the stem of the inner hood’s breathe-through gag stem can be brought. This is then held in place by An Atomage head harness.

This type of restraint and rubber wearing requires considerable mutual trust and time to develop. The garments are mostly designed by me and are made to order by experts.

I hope this personal account may help to dispel the idea that the use of rubber and restraint is something pornographic and distasteful, but is a normal satisfying activity which can be shared in the privacy of one’s own home for mutual satisfaction and development of trust between those concerned.

– (K.S.C.)