On the back cover of A13 you showed a harness arrangement which intrigued me since it resembled in some ways the harness that my wife and I designed many years ago.

The arrangements you showed was a series of body and thigh straps designed for one person to wear whereas our arrangement was a mutual harness. It was designed actually by my wife a long time ago. We discovered, after being married several years, that we were both interested in bondage restriction in a mild way. My wife always liked me to remain inside her after ‘completion’, but I found it difficult and one night we tried an arrangement with strings and rope, and this proved to be so successful that we went on to design quite an elaborate arrangement with straps that fitted tightly round our waists and round our upper thighs, which had the effect of holding us very close together.

All sorts of variations were possible but with the complete strapped outfit it was almost impossible to move, and we found that this was very stimulating and we can stay very close together for long periods and achieve a most unusual form of satisfaction.

We had, alas, to leave our straps and harness behind us when we left the Belgian Congo five years ago (in rather a hurry during the political crisis there) and never had an opportunity to redesign design the outfit but the reason for writing to you is to ask if any readers have tried anything similar?

I don’t think we can claim to be the first couple to have tried this since my wife first got the idea from seeing a design in a book published in Belgium at the end of the first World War and that was copying a design that was apparently used in the Middle Ages. If any of your readers have ideas on this subject, we would be very interested to hear about them, as we believe it is a rather specialised, but very pleasurable, form of bondage for a happily married couple.

– E. T. (Belgium)