Congratulations on the latest supplement. In my humble opinion these are turning out to be the first truthful and believable writing and pictures I have ever seen on bondage, and I have been collecting on this subject for many years. The truth of bondage, which the money rakers ignore, is that the subject is not just about a woman, or sometimes a man, tied and gagged and chained and, in your case, dressed in rubber, vinyl or whatever. Bondage is, as you have so well displayed, Total Enclosure, to the point of being entirely helpless like an insect in a cocoon.

I see, with great interest, you have readers blown up inside their ‘cocoons’ but I don’t like your name for it ‘pneumo bondage’ which is too frivolous. I would like to see it called, or described, as ‘interspatial enclosure’ for it is almost the opposite of bondage in the popular meaning. With bondage you expect the bonds to ‘hurt’ the flesh. With ‘interspatial enclosure’ your idea is a total darkness where you live and breathe under the power of another yet are untouched and unharmed and completely protected by your coverings. Your defence against external forces is under the control of your wife or girlfriend. As well as seeing you have adequate air and your other needs are met, she protects you against marauders and enemies.

Where the outfit is properly designed and inflated you are totally controllable, you are ‘with and into’ another world. It is even a marvellous experience, for example, to urinate within this total interspatial enclosure. You live, so to speak, within yourself and of yourself. I have experimented with a bottled air supply so that I am then my own master. I can breathe the air and use it to inflate my suit.

The difficult thing is getting rid of stale air and CO-2 and an adaptation of a skin diver’s respirator is recommended. Body heat is more than, sufficient to keep warm. I do not recommend a stay inside the suit of more than two hours unless you are experienced and practiced and have an understanding partner.

A stage beyond this interspatial enclosure is where you are suspended in space as well. I have heard of it being done but have had no actual experience or seen it portrayed photographically. Closest to my idea is the equipment shown on page 13, Supplement No. 1, but it is not clear what the victim is wearing within the bag and whether his inner suit is inflated.

I hope you will show more of your readers’ inflatable outfits with details if possible.

In the meantime, again my congratulations on your honest efforts to show real people with real interests, not something staged in a photographer’s back street studio.

– V. C. (London)