I am alone at home, but dressed from head to toe in layers of rubber and pvc, deep shiny black, with thick chains locked between neck, arms and feet and no chance to get out of it before She gets home later in the afternoon with the keys.

It all started some weeks ago when I was asked by Atomage to put some ideas and impressions of bondage down on paper. Since it is particularly frustrating to think about this exciting subject without feeling it at the same instance, She gave me some assistance to get me into the right mood. As we share our hobbies, we made a deal: She would put on her rubber underwear under her plain, leather dress, together with the home-made leather chastity belt. The key for this would remain with me at home and she would dress me up and confine me according to her wishes. This deal was made the night before and when I woke up this morning, I found my wrists already decorated by steel handcuffs. So when she dressed up in that fascinating rubberwear, I felt a despairing excitement rising in me. Then She locked her belt by herself, hung the key around my neck, and completed her outfit with her black leather dress and high boots.

It was my turn now. She fetched first of all my black rubber underwear, shirt, slip, long gloves, long stockings, and a face mask with normal openings. She briefly unlocked my handcuffs and helped me to dress. Then she chose a one piece black and shiny pvc outfit, with built on mask, back zipped and with a special cover for my masculine attribute. This works like a chastity belt as it can be locked.

Everything was zipped up and padlocked at the zip ends. Then came the supplementary equipment: a pair of tight black rubber boots, a pair of thick, elbow-long rubber gloves, a large, strong, black leather belt tight around my waist and padlocked and a similar “belt” around my neck. So now she could only get her key by undressing me. But this was not all. A pair of goggles were put on over my mask, a gag placed against my mouth and secured to the mask.

Although this outfit had me already very excited, She was not finished. She left me for an instant, and came back with my made to measure heavy prisoner chains, consisting of 3 cm and 6 mm thick steel links, one set for the neck, two for the arms and two for the feet. The chains are connected to each other by 6 mm links from neck to wrist, from wrist to around the waist where they are locked at the back, to the feet, and between hands and feet. Altogether some 6 m of chains together weighing some 6 kilos. The chains were all secured by heavy padlocks. And that was it.

That is my present outfit which leaves me just sufficient movement to tap out this piece. It is a slow business because of the thick gloves and heavy chains. The door is locked from outside and, as a final touch, a 5 m long chain is locked between my leg chains to a special iron ring on the wall. It is noon now and I have been like this since 11a.m. She said She would be back at the flat some time this afternoon!

I don’t know what She intends to do with me when she returns. I can only try to imagine. Before leaving the flat, She apparently prepared something for this purpose as I noticed She spent some time in our bedroom, searching in the wardrobes. On previous occasions She showed up in a black, shiny vinyl suit with attached mask, high boots, gloves and a large belt, holding a long whip. I had to kneel down at her feet, and before she finally gave me the keys I received a punishment that created a feeling of cold excitement just at the memory. Afterwards I was released, my outer garments removed and we made wild and passionate love.

Another time She did just nothing. She simply ignored my presence, prepared something for lunch and relaxed, watching a TV show. I was sitting on the floor in a corner of the room, tightly chained and gagged, my excitement alternating between despair and hope. Only when the TV show had finished did She free me so we could liberate our mutual need for love.

Although I prefer to be bound, imprisoned in a suit and punished by her, there are occasions when the situation is reversed. Then She finds herself staked out to the four posts of our bed when She ‘pays’ for treating me like this today. She knows the taste of the whip, and I know that despite her dislike of making love with me dressed up in one of my head-to-toe vinyl suits, she gets great pleasure when I adopt that attitude.

I never eat or drink anything before indulging in this hobby but I have no reason to doubt that she will grant unconditional freedom to me soon. I know Her: once in the mood it is hard to stop her, especially when I am her prisoner. Most certainly She is already thinking about the next ‘steps’ to be taken. My inner rubber layers are already completely wet. I tried to get the gag off but the attempt was useless. The chains on my arms are very heavy and I am finding it more and more difficult to type. Even trying to walk around the small area allotted to me turns out to be very difficult. The sun is now shining through the open window, and this outfit gets very warm when the sun finds it. I must try to find some shadow on the floor and to snooze a while.

Now, I have just got up after a couple of hours of sleep on the floor. The sun is beginning to go down. It is always the same sensation when I wake up and find myself dressed up this way, gagged and with these heavy chains. I am already nervous with excitement for now I hear Her coming, She is back! I can hear the key in the lock: She has gone into the bedroom: I cannot fathom what She is doing now. All I know is that She is coming very soon and I must stop …