I thought I may give some of your readers, particularly those of my sex, some encouragement by sharing some of our experiences in the world of leather and bondage. The purchase of the wonderfully I crafted cat-suit from your studio several years ago was the beginning for me of a whole new relationship in our marriage.

Besides the thrill of being fitted for such a daring outfit, there was the unique thrill of having my husband fitted for the leather helmet. I can still recall the first awakening tingle of enjoyment at seeing his deep blushes as you carefully fitted the leather over his head and then firmly laced it on.

The idea of two people talking and joking while he sat helplessly nearby, laced in a fitted leather helmet seemed just right then and has increased in appeal over the years. We find that even with several children at home, our escape into the world of leather is exciting and therapeutic. The rituals which we have developed, involving dressing and behaviour seems to allow us both to respond to some inner need while sharing something very wonderful together. It is rather exciting, while listening to the endless laments of the divorced and soon-to-be-divorced, to think of your own husband, a few feet away, safe in a leather chastity belt of your own creation, ready to fall to the ground to kiss your boots should you but nod, in the presence of total strangers. More thrilling is to remember the subtle use of leather in bringing him, yet so willingly to this state. The alarming divorce rate in this country would, perhaps, be curtailed by prospective brides receiving ‘Bridal Showers’ of lovely leatherwear, beautiful boots, and all of the straps and harness which a young bride will need! At this time, too, the blushing bridegroom would be fitted with whatever restraints the shower had provided. In these he would be married, giving again some truth to the notion of ‘tie the knot’. Goodbye divorce courts and philandering husbands.

Last Christmas was especially wonderful – in a stylish boutique my husband discovered a pair of beautifully made Italian boots. There were actually several models of the boots, one in wicked black, high heeled, with attached riding spur, the other a deep mellow brown, also high-heeled, but a little more full at the ankle -perfect for the present day style. He had described both pairs to me and I was quite excited about trying them on. What he had not mentioned was the price, which even for the one pair was a luxury. As expected after I had tried both pairs I could not decide. The black would certainly fit the theme of our little week-end sessions alone. The brown were also very exciting and appealed to my more practical instincts. The salesgirl, who had been smiling all this while, suddenly whispered in her broken French. … “Madame, Monsieur called. He says if you like the pairs, so much then. Say that S. and I will share’ the cost”. (S. is Servietta, the sometimes fantasy role of my husband). It was a moment of two women sharing what need not be said. She knew, the black boots proclaimed it anyway, she knew and she shared and she was very happy with me.

I hope that Atomage will continue to share its artistry with many of us. Perhaps if I can gather a little more courage l will have some photos taken in the suit before old age sets in. We continue to enjoy Atomage and are conscientiously saving pennies for a repeat of that wonderful day in your salon.

– Mrs S.N.G. (Mich. U.S.A.)