You go from strength to strength, getting better all the time. The Supplement No 2 cover is beautiful in composition and colour tone; the drawings are imaginative (I like the way the artist’s mind works – bondage with humour) and the emerging interest in pneumoenclosure is gratifying. I fully concur with the “Sense of Peace” (A14, p 10) approach; it may be escape or temporary incapability to accept responsibility, but the mental rest and tranquillity are badly needed, certainly in my case. Pneumoenclosure with the concomitant loss of speech, vision and hearing enable this very nicely when combined with immobilising bondage.

The movie-making pictures are enjoyable, showing as they do the relaxed unselfconscious attitudes of the participates which is as it should be. Does my envy show? Incidentally I saw the film “Maitresse” in New York City and it did play in Boston. Evidently, after its initial run, that was the end and it went no further. I enjoyed it and would like to have seen it again, although I must agree with J.J. that there were missed opportunities. from our viewpoint.

I would like to digress a bit to relate some aspects of my own growing interest and fascination with rubber and bondage. Since these interests were not socially acceptable I was unsure of the consequences. Drawn to rubber and bondage as a moth to a flame, I read what I could find from Krafft-Ebbing to Maurice North. Although there were few answers, they relieved my mind somewhat.

I am, at age 50, primarily a submissive person who must function in a world and job as dominant to achieve my career objectives, educate my children and live reasonably well financially. My efforts at relief tend toward bondage, hoods, masks etc., to provide the bondage immobilisation and isolation. Nevertheless, the pleasure and relief was always compromised. I can’t bind myself so I can’t get loose yet still get away somehow, and the fear of unwanted discovery takes the edge off.

In any event, a number of factors combined with the net result that I could no longer keep it to myself without my marriage blowing sky-high, so one night using the crutches of several issues of Atomage I awkwardly and shamedly told my wife about my obsession. After twenty-five years of marriage, and a very conservative upbringing, she was appalled. Somehow we have been muddling through. Now she will tie and gag me, albeit it makes her very nervous, but she cannot accept rubber – the idea of rubber masks helmets, suits is unacceptable to her. I suspect that part of it is due to a strong case of claustrophobia. So a little has been accomplished – whether more is possible I can’t say. It’s a very rocky road though.

Should any of this letter perhaps be of interest for publication, be my guest. Keep up the very excellent work.

– A.R.L. (U.S.A.).

Sorry to hear that your wife is reluctant to accept your ideas which seem so harmless yet could give you both so much mutual pleasure. We can sympathise with her problem and we would advise patience and understanding.

We learned recently that the film ‘Maitresse’ which so many readers have mentioned was ‘dressed’ by our friends, Eccentric Fashion, from whom we are hoping to get more information.