I find the cover picture of A2 supplement hauntingly beautiful. I would like to be able to restrain and dress my wife like that and for her to do the same to me, but alas she is absolutely against such things and I live part of my life in fantasy. The cover photograph does however convey to me a feeling of immense submissiveness and complete domination without any trace of cruelty that is so often present. The positioning of the model on the pedestal is a final touch of genius.

I congratulate M.P. of Gwent on finding a responsive partner. I would like to pass on a few suggestions but they have only been tested in my mind. His specification for a bondage suit that can be shared is somewhat woolly, but depending on the degree of togetherness needed, the progression would seem to be

(a) A ‘sauna’ sack with twin neck holes.

(b) A ‘sauna’ sack with the lower half divided, this would allow one leg of both people in each leg, or both legs of one person per side. The sacks can be made as close fitting as needed.

(c) A large leotard with two necks but large armholes, and leg holes, fastening by zip on one side only.

(d) A cat suit with four arms and legs. This would need zip from buttock on one side, to buttock on the other, up the side and across to the side between the necks. The couple would enter it side by side, then turn either back to back or face to face and then zip) up.

(e) A cat suit with only two arms and legs. It would have two half legs and arms. The couple would first put in the common leg and arm side by side, again face to face or back to back and zip up. It would require two zips – one open-ended from ankle to wrist and one from mid-neck to wrist on the same side.

I regret that I shall never see any of these garments made, still less use one. But they could provide endless fun (especially if a few miscellaneous bits and pieces were placed in sack (a) first).

– J. H. Bristol