My husband and I have been admirers of your magazine since it started, although we have never written to you before. He is a dental surgeon aged 45, and I am an M.D. of 36. We have been married for ten years and have developed a wonderful S/M relationship in rubber and bondage which, alas, because of our professions we can only seldom practise!

We both like your approach in the new bondage magazine and Joseph (my husband) suggested that I write to you regarding a favourite ‘session’ of ours. Let me say right away that this should not be copied by the average reader; it requires careful preparation and highly-skilled execution!

We are fortunate enough to own a house in California with its own pool (not unusual here), but we are on the side of a hill and cannot be overlooked. Our next door neighbours, about four hundred yards down the hill, are also in on our scene. He is a very successful Corporate Lawyer, she is a younger Doris Day type with delightfully sadistic tendencies. I mention this because they are fine people and also figure in this story.

Perhaps what I’m trying to say is that all four of us are intelligent adult persons, with responsible professions. I have always regretted that too many magazines seem to assume that ‘black macs’ are only for sex starved bachelors.

My husband is tall, a keep-fit fanatic, and very much a male. Because of this our once a-month week-end where he becomes my slave for 48 hours is all the more exciting. If your readers are interested, at a later date, I can go further into our philosophy, but, for the moment, let me describe one of his ‘punishments’ which we both enjoy thoroughly.

We have a special room with fitted cupboards which contain different costumes in rubber and latex with a special section devoted to leather and bondage, Bondage is a prime necessity to both of us, and we have an experimental sleeping suit made in heavy latex and steel which takes nearly an hour to put on and renders the wearer utterly helpless.

I dress in my working suit of tight black latex with a red latex hood and dark goggles, with only my mouth showing. I command him to go to his quarters and dress ready for an under-water session. I give him 45 minutes to report to me by the pool. While Joseph is dressing himself into a complicated costume, I carry out to the pool two sets of aqua lungs with masks and air bottles. The exertion in the sun makes me perspire inside my suit, and my long latex gloves get hot and slippery, giving me a pleasant dominant sensation. I mix a shaker of ice-cold martinis and bring out the glasses. My husband presents himself. He is clad from head to foot in a thick, shining, green ‘tote’ suit, quite loose, but with tight wrists and a short zip up the back which seals the high neck. The zip is one of the new type which is waterproof, and over it is a watertight sealing device.

He wears a pair of long rubber gloves under the suit which are effectively held in place by the tight wrists. Over this he has another pair of black industrial gloves coming up to his elbows. The first thing I do is take a wide roll of shiny black electrical tape and seal the top of the gloves on to his suit. Over his head he has a tight, thick, latex hood with an open face. The long collar covers the green tote collar, effectively doubly sealing it.

I say nothing, looking sinister in my mask and dark goggles. I hand him a dry martini, which he accepts with difficulty because of the two pairs of heavy gloves. He drinks it and bows to me. He is carrying a heavy hood in his other hand and now hands it to me.

It is of heavy (60 thou.) latex with lacing up the back. I pull it over his other hood into place. It has no openings except the mouth. I lace it very tightly into position and delight in the smooth, anonymous black face, without a wrinkle, which is presented to me.

As a subtle torture, I light a cigarette and put it in the exposed mouth. (Without sight you cannot taste smoke – try it sometime!)

The loose front of the suit has been tightened by a thin chain which has been passed through the crotch and tied into place. I tighten the chain until he gives a small moan, then I slip a tiny padlock through the links so that it cannot be removed. Then I attach a piece of steel shaped like an ‘S’.

Next I take a pair of police handcuffs and manacle his hands behind his back. Curiously, he gives a big sigh of satisfaction at this; it means that now he is no longer in control. Until that moment he could have fought me, or objected, or even ripped off the hood; now he is helpless and in my power.

I sit down and drink my martini while my husband stands motionless, knowing better than to say a word. ‘All right, slave’ I say eventually, ‘you’re going down for an hour’s punishment’. He shudders slightly. I strap the air equipment on his back, and then get into mine. Then I insert the black airtube through Joseph’s tightly enclosed mask and turn on the air. He gives two grunts, our signal that all is well. I insert my own tube and push him into the swimming pool, diving in behind him.

It is pleasantly cool. I make doubly sure that my slave’s tube is in place, then pull him down to the bottom. There is a small ring there with a short chain. I attach this to the chain through his crotch so that he is anchored there. He tries to move his arms in useless protest.

After half an hour I turn on the pool water. This causes the new water to rush in, and empty at the other end. My slave is now in slight agony, as lie is held in place only by the chain round his budy and through his crotch.

I give my slave another five minutes, then I dive down and release him. After his breathing tube is removed, lie humbly but frantically asks permission to be released. I undo his handcuffs and let him hurry off. In ten minutes he returns in a white latex exercise suit and joins me for lunch.

My main purpose in writing this is to reassure your more timid readers that a great deal of enjoyment can be achieved by a carefully created sado/masochism relationship. On other weekends I become the slave and he is the master. Naturally, there must be love between the couples, and complete trust; but given this, there is a huge new world of wonderful experiences open to anyone!

– D. R. (U.S.A.) (Edited)