Although I had been messing about with rubber gloves and latex football bladders for some time, my first real contact with latex clothing was about two years ago after I had been reading one of the “Girly mags”. This contained an advert for rubber goods of various descriptions.

As it was near Christmas I thought of buying my wife a pair of black latex knickers for a joke and a hood for myself which I would “keep out of the way”. The knickers I ordered were complete with a sheath.

Soon the order came and I tried the hood on. It gave me such pleasure: first the smell and then being tight against my face with the slightly restricted breathing. At Christmas my wife duly received her “present”.

It was early on Christmas day when she opened it and I was still in bed. Holding me to my joke, she put them on and came upstairs still wearing her dressing gown. Taking this off she revealed all, the sheath being well up inside her. The pleasure of seeing her like that nearly made me come off on the spot.

We joked about her present for a few minutes then we made love with her still wearing the knickers. Since that time we hive grown to love rubber.

My wife and I now have a small collection of clothing and she will even wear hoods at times. Personally my collection has tended to slant toward hoods and masks, some with rebreather bags. My prize item is an inflatable hood from Macmart which unfortunately my wife doesn’t like. I have to wear it when she is out. When fully inflated the feel, restricted breathing and comfort of this fantastic hood has on one occasion actually made me come off with no help.

My aims now are to obtain masks with large rebreather bags and possibly to introduce some gas such as oxygen or entinox into them to heighten the feel of this lovely material. Perhaps other readers have or know where to obtain such gasses or who have the same ideas as myself?

– K.A.N.