We have only just moved to a hilly area with a lot of streams and small lakes, but the only trouble is that it is highly populated. So about two weeks after we moved in, my wife and I went for a walk in the area to look at the streams and lakes.

It was quite interesting, and we both wore hip boots. There is a lot of slippery and gooey mud with shallow water up to two feet deep. We will have to leave the lakes alone as the banks below the surface drop off too fast.

We decided it was best to go wading just around sunset. We had thought we could go early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but a lot of people here rise early and go out. So much for that idea.

One night, when we had a steady rain, we suited up. We both put on full cat suits, a hooded sleeveless diver’s vest, stretch latex waders and a one-piece front zip coverall wet suit with long sleeves and long legs. Next, a pair of tight fitting knee boots of a light tan colour to see mud when dark. We also put on women’s swimming caps to keep mud out of ears, also divers’ masks and heavy insulated green waterproof gloves.

While it was still raining we put on rainsuits and walked casually down to a stream that was flowing about two feet deep and just getting the bank mud damp. We put our rainsuits in a spot where we could find but nobody else could.

We started to walk down the bank and tripped and fell in head first, but on our backs, and made a great find. The water was about four feet deep and with a very sticky mud bottom. After coming to surface and catching our breath, we surveyed ourselves and found we had water inside, but no mud.

It was still raining steadily and it washed off a good bit of the dirty water. It was about 8 pm and now we started to wade-walk along the banks, and found it very hard to walk in about twelve inches of gooey mud. So we decided to find a small pool area in a bend of the stream and make a soupy, muddy area to roll and splash in.

We found one with soupy mud and water about eighteen inches deep. First I pushed her and she went beneath the surface and came up looking like the creature from the black lagoon. As I was laughing I got it next, but almost head first and almost got stuck. This mud was a brown-yellow mix – really sloppy and fun.

She said she was sorry to have pushed me into such a mess, but would have done a better job in the daylight! She also said it was good that we had on cat suits because the mud now was inside our wetsuits and boots.

We slopped around for what we thought was about an hour, but the 11 pm curfew blew and we decided to go. But, as we were about to leave the area, some police cars and a fire truck with lots of lights came to the area, and we thought we had had it. Some car had driven into the stream, and we had to retrace our steps back to the deeper mud-water area and just lay there until it calmed down.

After what seemed like an eternity, a tow truck came and pulled the car out. Then the fire truck and police cars left, but as we were about to go home again a police car came back. We really thought we had been seen. So we again backtracked farther downstream as quietly as we could. But this time they got out of the car and walked along the bank with bright flashlights. Fortunately they stopped and yelled at one another that no one was here because it was raining too hard and none but nutty people would be playing in water and mud at night. Little did they know.

Well, after they left we went to a deep water area and washed ourselves all over and inside our gloves and masks, and put on our rainsuits and waited until the rain wet the rainsuits and any mud that we didn’t see, and then we walked to the road.

No people or cars were around, except one car up the road which was being pushed in our direction. We walked past it. About 200 feet up the road its lights and engine started and came up to us – it was the police! They wanted to know why we were out on such a night. We said we went out to look for our dog who got out of the yard. They asked if we had found the dog and we said no, but maybe she was home by now.

They followed us all the way home and then watched as we went into the house. We went into the basement to clean up and shower inside and out. After about an hour they left. Well, we cleaned up and had a good sex session.

The next morning the police car came back and kindly enquired if the dog had returned. We said yes, and showed her to the officers to prove she was here.

So ended our night-time fun session.

– D.W.K. (U.S.A.)