Sarah and I wanted to share another of our rubber love-sessions with you, hoping that they give you some pleasure too. It is a delight for us to set about putting on rubber, deciding what outfits we will wear, what activities we will get up to this time. Always, there is the sweet ache of anticipation, the odd weakness in the limbs at the thought of being in rubber again. It is hard to describe but I know that many of you have felt it: a genuine ache of the heart, a thrilling excitement down there in the soul.

So here you see us rubbered up, sitting on a divan, about to engage in some very pleasant games together. For the occasion, Sarah is wearing a latex rubber lounging outfit: black rubber stockings and panties, a red rubber long-sleeved blouse over a black latex rubber bra, glossy black rubber wellingtons (we love wellingtons!!!), and a swishing, rustling black latex rubber raincoat. Sarah and I love mixing our custom-made fashion rubber wear with familiar household items, so she has on a pair of lovely brand-new yellow rubber dishwashing gloves drawn up over her forearms. These are especially sexy, with frilly cuffs and nicely-patterned fingertips. They squeak beautifully when they touch anything. Sarah is capped and hooded in a way we both love. She has her hair caught up under a white latex-rubber bathing-cap, with a heavier strap-on bathing-cap over that, a nicely-textured cap with a slightly raised floral pattern over it, so good for caressing with gloved fingers. Then, to mask her face, she has a white latex “mask” cut down from yet another latex swimming cap. It grips her face very prettily, clinging very tight, so only her eyes are revealed.

In most of our rubber games, we like to be gagged, to take away the possibility of easy conversation. We like to use our gloved hands and rubbered bodies and rubber-booted feet to express our needs and desires. It’s a lot more fun let me tell you. So underneath that smooth white rubber mask, Sarah has a folded up bathing cap thrust in her mouth, a soft creamy pillow of sweet-tasting rubber she can suck on.

My outfit resembles Sarah’s in many ways. I am wearing a black latex cat suit under my heavy black rubber raincoat. Like Sarah, I too have my feet enclosed in gleaming black rubber wellingtons. A black rubber cap-and-hood covers my face, with a white strap-on bathing-cap over that. I adore bathing-caps and wear them often during our rubber love-play. To finish off, I have a small home made rubber “cup” gag-mask over my lower face. I have two folded-up ladies’ swim caps stuffed inside my mouth, and my tight mask keeps these in place, so speech is impossible. We now have to communicate with our gagged love sounds and sign-language, which is always a lot of fun. Also, I have on the same style of yellow frilly rubber gloves as Sarah is wearing. Just to move them give off the loveliest accompaniment of rubber sounds you could imagine.

One of the pictures shows us sitting in a tender moment minutes after we have applied our gags and finished getting ready. We are caressing one another, delighting in” how our new gloves squeak when we run our hands across arms, legs and shoulders, up over the white rubber caps, down over the hidden rubbered places to the squeaky black rubber boots on our feet. Then I reach across to plant my gloved hand over Sarah’s mouth, eliciting a moan of pleasure and some gagged muffled-by-rubber words from her before seizing and pinning her gloved wrists together and making her my rubber captive. We often enjoy bondage and capture games. Sarah lets me know how much she loves being my prisoner in so many little ways – struggles and whimpers and sudden tensions felt through her rubber gear – then we settle back for some gentle caressing and love-talk through our gags.

It is not long before my beautiful captive has her wrists bound behind her back, and is made to kneel down before me, her smooth capped head down over my lap in one of the age-old submission positions. She nuzzles my body, squeaking her cap against my chest, making sounds of pleasure. Her gloved hands squeak as she twists them behind her back in the cords that tie her; she moves her wellingtons together deliciously on the floor. Both of us are weak with erotic excitement. The results are inevitable.

As I say, I hope you enjoy these pictures. It is just wonderful to be able to send them over and share them with people who know what we feel. While I’m here: is there anyone out there who delights in seeing a rubber-clad nymphet wearing white rubber tennis shoes with her rubber gear. Sarah and I really enjoy having bedroom games of “rubber tennis”, and often wear white tennis shoes with thick rubber soles and generous rubber toecaps. We’ve not seen this theme explored or celebrated in any Rubber publications, and just wonder if others share an erotic interest in rubber gym shoes. If so, Sarah and I can certainly share some shots we’ve taken.

– Kohan and Sarah.