I have recently bought a rubber suit from Sealwear and it is just superb. They are certainly very clever and the workmanship is excellent. It is made of heavy (maximum weight) black rubber with built in feet but minus gloves.

A rather short zip runs from the stomach up to the mouth where a hood covers the whole head except for a circle from eyes to mouth. It is extremely tight and I thought it would be impossible for me to get into it without help. It was a real fight. I don’t think I used nearly enough talcum.

I have never possessed a one piece suit before and so I had to make my own discoveries – but when I did eventually get myself into it was fantastic. I felt I was made of rubber. I exalted in the little crackling noises and the feeling of being very elastic. I had, at the outset, put on a thinner rubber hood with only small eyeholes and two small nostril holes, followed by long rubber gloves before donning the suit itself, but I had to remove the gloves because they kept working down my arms inside the suit.

There was no problem with the hood of the suit over my full faced mask but I had to pull the rubber gloves over the sleeves of the suit, which, as a matter of fact, was better, and gave me a lovely feeling of enclosure. I was sweating profusely because of the struggle, the restricting latex drawn over the skin and, not least, because the day had been very hot with temperatures above 27°C. The sweat was streaming down over my face and running into my nose. At one time I was about to cough but my mouth was completely covered by the rubber masks and my nose was full of perspiration. That was not pleasant. There was no danger but it certainly restricted enjoyment.

I put two small tubes of plastic into the nostril holes and out through the holes in the mask and that helped, but it was not really the solution. What does one do? I have seen masks with built in rubber tubes on the inside of the mask. Have readers had any experiences with this type of mask and its design? Anyway, equipped in my new, rippling suit, I then drew on my chest waders with the boots cut off at the ankle: by doing this, it enabled me to put my thigh waders over them. Another very good feeling.

I then put on a pair of rubber industrial gloves to the upper arm. Over this lot I then donned my green vinyl trench coat. It is a lady’s model but not, really large enough, but it is virtually impossible to obtain male coats of that description in the stores. It must be tailor made. It makes a beautiful sound and I only wish it were floor length.

This is the first time I have been totally enclosed in layers of rubber and although it was terrifically exciting. It was not really completely satisfying due to the breathing problem which I had not been able to solve. You cannot enjoy all the pleasures when there is the fear that you might well drown in your own perspiration. I realise, too, that it can be dangerous when one is alone. However, I intend to be very careful.

Enclosed are some photos showing how the whole outfit looks.

I have quite a few things now for my dressing for pleasure sessions, including the new suit, two rain suits of rubberised pvc (yellow and green), one piece suit right up to the neck of matt pvc., quite loose, in white, my adapted chest waders, thigh waders, two pairs of industrial rubber gloves to mid over arm, two similar pairs of gloves in thin rubber, one rubber hood with facemask with holes for eyes and nostrils and seven vinyl coats.

I am also the proud possessor of a gasmask, 4 leather jackets (brown, grey, tan and a black motorcycle jacket), three pairs of leather trousers (two brown, one black) and two leather coats. I hope soon to be able to buy a leather suit in one piece or a motor cycle outfit either one piece or two, and a long leather overcoat. I need boots.

I have a pair of light brown leather boots, but they are only about 15 inches high.

I have plans to write some of my views on this strange penchant of dressing for pleasure and my feelings towards other people of similar taste. I have known a somewhat older girl than myself and we had an extremely stimulating sex life, since we came to an understanding regarding rubber and leather clothing. I suppose I have been very neurotic in my feelings towards women dressed in these materials, but after I had experienced sex with a woman dressed in leather and vinyl, I then learned to live with it: it took some of the mystery away together with many of my psychotic feelings and reactions towards the subject.

I feel I must now mention the article in Bondage No. 2 from Mrs. C.G. of Sussex, and her husband Dick. That dressing scene is absolutely perfect and has all the ingredients to render me speechless with amazement. The fact that it is a woman who has written it makes it that much more exciting, and when I see the whole scene enacted step by step, I am excited beyond words when I reach the end of the story. The effect on me is tremendous.

– P.L. (Denmark)