From time to time in the past I have seen your magazine and whilst it has interested me a great deal, I have always been surprised that it includes so much that is abnormal as far as everyday life is concerned, and so little, relatively speaking, that, while exciting and attractive, is normal insofar as it could be worn quite openly without exciting comment from the more narrow minded members of society!

If one accepts that rubber is exhilarating for a lot of people, it must surely follow that they would like to wear it fairly regularly. Apart from rubber boots, no rubber clothing at all is really now accepted in this country for everyday wear even in the wettest weather. Rubber excitement has, apparently, to be almost totally clandestine!

It is only relatively recently that this has become the case – worse luck. Not long ago rubber lined mackintoshes were seen everywhere but the spread of PVC and waxed cotton has killed off most popular rubberised waterproofs.

There is still one type of mackintosh proofed with rubber that can, however, still be worn, at least in the country, without exciting comment – the riding mackintosh!

These are still sold in reasonable numbers to horsey people and there seems no reason why others should not also buy them. They are really waterproof which is an asset that many mackintoshes do not have these days, they give real full length protection on or off a horse and are fitted with such things as leg straps, a wide belt and a high collar which give those amongst us who enjoy the feeling of being ‘well macked up’ great pleasure. They are extremely attractive on a pretty girl!

I am always amazed at the number of schoolchildren who wear little or nothing waterproof in the worst of weathers these days and I was interested to read a letter in one of the riding magazines recently from a lady who was complaining that she could not find a full length riding mackintosh for her daughter as the makers apparently only made adult riding waterproofs nowadays. She went on to say that when she was at school in the sixties, girls who rode were allowed to do so only if they took a proper riding mackintosh back to school with them and if they went riding when it was raining or even about to rain, they were ordered to wear their waterproofs and were punished if they did not!

How times change!!

I do think that if you printed a few photographs of riding mackintoshes you might be surprised how many people showed and interest and perhaps an article or two might also help.

I have some knowledge of and interest in the subject and would be pleased to help.

– R.R. (Devon)

Yes, please, but with pictures if you can. ED.