After weeks of thinking about it I have finally put pen to paper because I would like other readers to know how I came to love rubber in the hope that it may help them.

I was first introduced to it by my fiancé. After knowing him for about a week or so he confessed that he was interested in rubber wear. At first I was horrified. I thought he was perverted. Kinky. Here was a person whom I knew I liked so much already and he suddenly dropped a bombshell like that.

After the initial shock my curiosity was aroused and I started to question him. I was still horrified by the thought of anyone wearing a gasmask or hood of any kind and actually getting any pleasure from it.

However, one evening when we were alone in the house he brought out some articles to show me and he wore them during our lovemaking. I remember spending ages just smelling and feeling the fabric. The way it fitted like a second skin. It made him appear more masculine and powerful somehow. On another occasion he left his gasmask on the bed and I briefly tried it on. He was overjoyed. I could only keep it on for a few minutes at a time, but now I am able to wear it for considerably longer.

Recently we went for a rainy day walk in the woods, suitably attired and carrying our gasmasks in a plastic bag. (I now have my own). Unfortunately we could not frolic around as much as we would have liked as the woods were not sufficiently secluded but we donned our gasmasks and walked around under the trees. My fiancé was rather worried that we might be seen, so we went home again, took off our wet outer garments and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

It seems very strange that although he first introduced me to the world of rubber, I have no fears and yet he has. He would not wear his gloves as we were walking down the road in any case anyone saw us, but no one, except ourselves, knows that we derive sexual pleasure by going out dressed in this fashion.

When I am dressed in latex I am an entirely different person. I can be the whore in the bedroom that he wants me to be and I feel free and sexy, whereas normally I feel uncomfortable wearing nothing at all.

I like to dominate and be dominated and we have experimented with mild bondage. We are constantly thinking up new ways to achieve even greater satisfaction. We have read a lot of your magazines and found them most interesting and useful.

I would like to mention to male readers though one thing: don’t push your wives or girlfriends. Introduce them to the scene slowly as I was introduced. My fiancé was loving and understanding throughout and never pushed me to do anything I found distasteful.

Since my initiation we have purchased several items and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t try. It has brought us considerably closer together, particularly now that he has someone to share his other love and discuss it with and we share a deep loving relationship.

A little while ago he mentioned to me about joining the ACS system but, at that time, I wasn’t ready but, now that I feel that I am, would you please send me details?

Learning to love rubber has come in gradual steps and by first reading Atomage I began to understand my fiancé and the discovery that there are others like us is, indeed, heartening.

Now dressing for pleasure is the most natural thing the world. Thanks for a wonderful magazine.

– Miss K C.