A lady reader describes her introduction to the rubber world.

My lover and I have been reading Atomage for some time now and of course there is now ‘Rubberist’ which is both interesting and stimulating. The photographs are of particular interest as we have taken quite a few or our own and I am enclosing a few photographs in the hope that you find them sufficiently interesting to print in your magazine.

My lover has been a devotee of rubber for many years but I am a relative newcomer to its pleasures, he having introduced me to it. I must admit I was apprehensive at first but the smooth silky feel of the rubber against my skin and the smell is enough to set me going. I love dressing in my rubber suit, boots, gloves, helmet and gas mask, and there is now the thrill and excitement of uniforms, by that I mean an Officer’s peak cap, shirt, tie and boots. Eventually we would like to acquire a full uniform.

When I have my rubber suit on and the rest of my gear I am completely encased and I feel secure in a world of my own, I can do anything and be anybody. I feel dominant but also want to be dominated. I am a fairly strong minded person and therefore the idea of being truly dominated really appeals to me. That is where my lover comes in. He is two people in one. Tender warm and affectionate but mostly dominant, hard and unrelentless. He dresses in a tight rubber suit which moulds his body, particularly his thighs (he has the sexiest thighs – I get turned on just looking at them), rubber boots which fit his legs closely, mask, helmet and gas mask and of course gloves – completely encased in rubber.

The boots are the dominant factor for me. They spell arrogance, superiority, dominance and even cruelty. To feel that booted foot shoved between my legs whilst lying tied on the floor is exciting and exhilarating, then it is placed on my breasts, then my stomach, and if I am naked, it leaves an imprint on my skin. That for me is terribly exciting. I love to be tied with rope. I do not like chains. The tighter the rope the better. I love to feel it biting into my flesh through my rubber suit. All the time I know I will not be hurt because the rubber will protect me. My lover then ties me to a wooden frame and proceeds to beat me with a rubber thong whip. He can beat me as hard as he likes, the harder the better. I lose myself in the emotions it produces inside me.

I have climaxed whilst being beaten and tied, without my man even touching me. I should explain that I am not a one orgasm girl. I climax at least six times during a session and the ultimate climax is when my lover enters me to finish. However, before that happens I try to dominate him. I tie him with rope, he also likes to be tight and to feel it pulling on him. I then like to tease him, exposing parts of my body to him, he not being able to touch me because he is tied up. Then I rub my rubber gloved hands all over myself, play with my nipples, and give myself a climax. He has to stand and watch. If he closes his eyes I beat him. I make him lie on the floor so that I can put my booted foot on him, I make him go on all fours so that I can straddle his back and ride him.

Rubber and my lover have done so much for me. For years, although enjoying what I thought was a full sex life, there has always been something missing. Now there is nothing missing. I can find complete fulfilment in my rubber gear.

We now both want to try mudlarking. It is my dream to be completely encased in rubber and then to have my lover throw mud at me and water. The sensation of water pouring over me is out of this world. I want to be pushed in the mud and I want to feel his hands smoothing the mud all over me, head, breasts, stomach, thighs, between my legs, everywhere!! Then I would roll him in the mud and really let him know who was boss. At this particular moment, writing about all this I feel terribly aggressive. I want to push my lover into the mud, roll him over, stand on him with my muddy boots. I want to plaster him with mud, rub it into his masked face. Then I would hose him down with a fierce jet of water and demand the same treatment for myself.

Rubber is fantastic – that is all I can say. It is a part of my life now and so is my lover.

The two are inseparable.

– ‘Rubber Lover’ (Devon).