I would like to begin by saying, I have a large collection of Atomage magazines, and other publications dealing with, rubber, latex, bondage and leather. I have progressed over the years in thinking up new devices, and ways of gaining pleasure from dressing completely in latex and then in leather.

My ‘interest’ began when I was ten, I had a glove ‘fetish’. I was sexually attracted to ladies gloves. They had to be tight and long, not necessarily made of leather, but not of wool or loose materials. The attraction was strong enough to resort to looking through magazines for ads. Car magazines were good because, back in the sixties, women, wearing long white or coloured gloves, were used a lot to advertise a car.

I am an only child. Both my parents worked, so I was left on my own a great deal. I used to meet my mother at the door when she came home at night and would ask to take her gloves off. I kept this up for a long period of time. I would buy her gloves on birthdays and at Christmas trying not to arouse too much suspicion. As time went on, I purchased gloves, and with my skinny build, 138 pounds 5ft 10 inches, I began wearing women’s clothes. It was hard at first finding places to buy clothes, but I used to order them from the Sears catalogue, and have them sent c.o.d. before my parents arrived home at night.

When I turned 15 – 16 years of age I used to go shopping in large department stores, for boots and gloves mostly. In 1967 – 69 thigh vinyl boots became very fashionable. I had several pairs. I purchased several pans of gloves and a couple of raincoats. I found the sexual arousal increased if I became hot and layered in the clothing.

As time marched on, I began to seek out more information on the evolution I was going through. I travelled to a nearby large city and found one of those book stores, who catered to “sexual perversion” as they term it. I found a publication from Centurions of L.A., and I bought Atomage 1, 2, 3, that’s when I discovered I wasn’t completely alone in this, and could read about others with the same interest. I was very intrigued with latex and total enclosure, because with these materials, one could get hot and have a feeling of total solitude very quietly.

I was reading one Atomage publication when I discovered INN SKIN. The address was only 42 miles from where I lived. I was so thrilled I drove over the next day, and ended up ordering three suits, three masks, and a body binder. All the things I have read about had come true: gloves, suits, masks, bags, everything: I quickly got together a selection and over the years was a good customer.

I got married to a very understanding wife who prefers leather over-latex, but really doesn’t mind my affection towards dressing for pleasure at all. Today I have refined my collection to a few very good items of latex and leather.

– K.T.G. (Ontario, Canada)