My reason for writing involves a sort of reply to Ms. J.R. of Scotland, whose letter you published in Atomage International 8. I fully sympathise with her comments about the ‘Michelin Men’ and their spouses, I prefer leather but believe in mutual tolerance. I think rubber is cold but if someone else likes it, then good for them, enjoy it and take no notice of the neighbours. However, I prefer leather outer wear generally, and more intimate leather wear for more intimate occasions.

I was walking around an open air market in Skegness three summers ago with my wife. As it was really hot both my wife and I had discarded our black leather jackets and were wearing black leather jeans. In the crush my wife and I were temporarily separated and I found myself confronted by two teenage girls. They looked at me and one of them asked me if I was hot. I informed them that I was no more uncomfortable than if I was wearing denim or other fabric, I was actually quite cool, and told them that I thought leather much more comfortable and much smarter. They made a little small talk and were obviously displeased to discover that I was married, and left very quickly when my wife found me again.

The point of the tale is that far more people are attracted to leather than would care to admit it and that J.R. would do well to note this. Also, with regard to her looks, she talked very disparagingly about herself. Without actually meeting her I cannot comment but it is a fact that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. My wife tells me that I am good looking, and that girls are always looking at me, but I’ve honestly not noticed. As for her, I have noted that she gets plenty of looks from other men, and even more when wearing leather, but she refuses to believe me when I tell her.

So, dear J.R., I would advise getting dressed up in whatever leather gear you have, and get out there and knock-em-out. A few frank questions will soon sort out the voyeurs and you may soon find someone to indulge your love of leather because of you rather than just because he like you wearing it.

You should find, as I have, that a worthwhile relationship can be enhanced by a mutual tolerance, and possible enjoyment, of ones interests. In contrast, I do not believe that a mutual attraction for leather or anything else can be the sole foundation for much more than a ‘ships in the night’, type of relationship.

It seems to me, J.R., that you are on a ‘downer’ caused by loneliness, rather than a lack of leather. I can offer little more than sympathy, I was in the same situation until I met my wife. We both have likes and dislikes which do not always coincide, but we do have companionship, and it is this which has made our relationship.

– F.J.W (Derbyshire).