We are sending you two pictures of an attempt to re-create the motor-cycling outfit my wife used to wear when we first had a bike in the early 1950s, which did so much to stimulate our interest in rubber. Pure rubber nostalgia really! The white swimming cap is the nearest we could get to the white leather helmet she wore in the days before crash helmets. The half mask and goggles are separate, again the nearest approach we could devise for the combined leather mask and goggles we both wore on the open road thirty years ago. On the whole we think the effect is quite good and hope your older motorcycling readers will agree.

– L. S. (Cumbria)

This reader has also sent us some pictures and a description of his wading outfits which we intend to publish in the next issue of the Rubberist. If you haven’t ordered Your copy, please do so now – ED.