My interest in rubber goes back to the late sixties, when I was still living with my parents in the country. I began to notice the small adverts in the Sunday papers for latex clothing and wrote off for lists. At the same time, it was difficult to have these things posted to my home address, but I risked it, and eventually ordered a pair of soft rubber underpants. The sensation was amazing when I wore them and I decided to find out more about rubber and latex.

I bought a number of British and American magazines on the subject and, when funds permitted, I bought more items to wear. In the mid-seventies I had a flat of my own in which I could walk around or rest in rubber for hours. At one point I had an obliging girl friend who agreed to wear some of the rubber garments, and confessed to finding them ‘quite comfortable’. In the past couple of years I have built up quite a collection, including tight and loose suits, two long capes, shirts, trousers, an inflatable helmet, thigh length vinyl boots (I am not a TV though) and, my pride and joy, an inflatable sheath of a type recently shown in your bondage supplement. The sheath can be pumped up from inside, slowly restricting movement and increasing pressure all over they body.

I have a very tight catsuit made in thick latex with a crotch opening which I wear with the boots and sometimes a cape.

It may interest your readers to know that I polish the black rubber gear with an aerosol furniture polish. A brisk rub with a soft cloth brings up the shine, and the smell of the polish quickly disappears.

– W.E.C. (London).