It really is a pity that so few women appear to like rubber. It puzzles me because I am sure they would benefit more from it than men. Rubber has the same soft touch, the same qualities of reflection and makes similar audible rustling sounds as silk and satin which they so appear to love.

I have seen ladies ordering almost every kind of garment in every colour in satin and silk but the most flattering and popular colour is black. This, too, is true of rubber for nothing beats shiny black, about which there is almost a magic effect.

The female sex is more sensitive in a physical sense so their reactions are more pronounced and it is difficult to understand why their reaction to rubber should be negative instead of positive. As a sex they are rather conservative and their sexual education makes them wary of anything – material or object – that could be considered a sex symbol, but why should rubber be despised when satin and silk are so enjoyed? Perhaps if rubber did not have an immediate sexual connotation and possible sexual perversions, it would help matters? But how did this attitude develop? How can we help them to understand the thrill and joy of wearing this marvellous material?

I am convinced that the quality of an orgasm is not so much the relationship of the physical body as the psychological excitement of the mind. The stimulus of a material such as rubber can substantially enhance the sexual reaction. Fully covered in rubber and fully excited will surely give a happy ending when both have rid themselves of inhibitions.

Women have an understandable resistance to wearing catsuits because of the difficulties of getting them on and off compared with the looser latex garments. Generous use of talcum powder is not, in my view, the best solution to the problem. I would advise taking a shower and soaping one’s body generously all over. Then very lightly dry oneself, leaving the soap on the skin, and then slip into the suit. It is easier to get on and off than when using talcum powder and the slippery feeling is, itself, stimulating. The soap effect stays for about an hour or two, and showering afterwards is very pleasant.

I read in an American magazine the suggestion of using glycerine to get the same slippery effect but it has, to my mind, an offensive smell and not even the smell of latex can dispel it.

For women who are still sceptical about wearing catsuits, may I suggest a very thin, strong rubber suit as a first garment. P. Lampe of Germany makes this kind of suit and I imagine there must be firms in England like Sealwear who would also be able to produce something in a very fine latex.

– ACS624.

There is a risk with your idea of using soap rather than talcum that on some skins some soaps could create a body rash when left in the warmth between skin and rubber. – Ed.