I will not go into the usual case history of rubber attraction as a result of being bounced on the head by a rubber ball when I was two years old. Suffice it to say I consider myself a normal happy human being who likes rubber and leather garments – especially when being worn by the female.

Whenever I see photographs of girls in leather or rubber, the first thing which occurs to me is – how hot is she in that gear? I like the thought of the female body being really hot inside the material. I know most females do not like the thought that they actually sweat like men and they do all sorts of things to avoid this natural event. But I think a woman is at her sexiest when she’s got a good, clean, honest sweat on. I like the smell and feel of a woman when she is like this and if she’s sweating like hell in rubber or leather, well…!

The sight of this is also appealing to my eyes, but we never see anything like this, at least, not in any photographs I’ve ever seen of females in leather or rubber.

During my 45 years lifetime I have experienced the smell of a girl’s clean sweat in rubber and leather many times and most of them were only too keen to help me press my face into them and if they could get my face – or even my whole head – inside their garment, be it blouse, jacket or mac, they would do this! None of them had any qualms about me smelling them and one girl in particular took great delight in holding my head really tightly inside her rubber nightdress, cutting off all entry of fresh air, until I was almost suffocated! She actually enjoyed doing this, she said, because she wanted to make sure I could smell nothing but her. It was quite an experience to smell nothing but hot female and rubber.

Anyway, perhaps it would pull the tone of your excellent magazine down if you showed photographs of girls parading in leather and rubber with sweat streaming down their faces?

Well, how about a full page facial of a girl in a gasmask? I find the gasmask shots you do produce interesting, as do a lot of your readers. But a real close up of just the face inside the mask with details of the expression of the eyes behind the mask – and if she is smiling all the better – would be heaven for me.

You could put these photo suggestions in instead of the useless and infantile comic strip which is my only complaint, and, in my view, the only thing which spoils your magazine.

One last thing, considering Helen gives the impression that she doesn’t like rubber (particularly gasmasks), she seems to get done up in some really lovely situations. I get the impression she really likes it but will not admit it!

Anyway, all I want to know is does Helen wear her rubber for long periods and how much does she sweat in it? (Salop)

– Little Willey

Helen points out that she doesn’t like rubber particularly (see previous issues). She also says that only horses sweat, ladies glow, and she has never experienced either when wearing latex. – Ed.